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PINC & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation

The Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust was set up to guide and support men and women affected by cancer, through every stage of their treatment and recovery.

It is not just the cancer itself, but also the rough side effects from the cancer treatments, that can leave patients with significant limitations.

Stacey and Tyler are our Physio Mechanics qualified Cancer Rehab Physiotherapists. We recognize the severe impact Cancer has on people, and through our Physiotherapy treatment, we are able to provide hope, strength and courage, as we guide patients through this trying time with a genuine goal of regaining their quality of life. Our Oncology Physiotherapists will map out an individualised treatment plan to direct away from pain, movement loss, weakness and extreme fatigue, and towards getting back on your feet faster. This is done through physical rehabilitation, which may involve massage therapy to encourage lymph drainage, passive stretching to improve movement losses, self management education, and most definitely a strengthening exercise programme tailored towards goals.

Contact Physio Mechanics today if you are interested in our Targeted Exercise Classes, Pilates Classes or a consultation with our oncology Physios to get underway with the best plan for you. Please discuss if you are eligible for funding for Pinc and Steel funding.

Physio Mechanics is very passionate about the Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust, and therefore a lot of our fundraising efforts goes towards this cause for our community. We have run family fun day walks and fundraising activity weeks, and donated thousands of dollars to help out those in need.

Our Promise To You

We get to the source of your symptoms

and treat the cause through a multidisciplinary approach. This prevents reoccurences and provides long term prevention, rather than just treating the symptoms alone

Long opening hours.

We realise everyone has busy schedules and we don’t want this to get in the way of getting yourself fit, healthy and injury free, so we open 6 days a week outside of business hours.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

At Physio Mechanics, we stand by our service and expertise of all our staff. We believe that after your first assessment and treatment, you will truly be satisfied with your experience, if not it will be free of charge.

You are individual, we recognize this

and tailor a treatment plan specific to you. Everyone has different injuries, symptoms and goals, therefore we provide individualised treatment.

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