Elbow Injuries

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The Elbow:

You would think injuries to this area wouldn’t be too much of a major, however with an elbow injury turning a door handle, starting a car, mowing the lawns, hammering in a nail, or playing golf, all become severely restricted, painful and sometimes impossible.

The elbow is a hinge joint connecting the humerus, or arm bone, to the forearm which is made up of the radius and ulna. The forearm muscles which are responsible for all the gripping you do, attach across the elbow – the wrist flexors to the inside of the elbow and the wrist extensors to the outside of the elbow.

These bony prominences are the sites for the famous “tennis” and “golfers” elbow, described below. Ligaments are on each side of the elbow joining bone to bone and providing increased stability. Like other body areas, elbow injury can occur from an acute injury or chronic overuse. This can start a cascade of inflammatory events, resulting in pain and weakness, overall limiting your ability to function with normal activities of daily living.

How Physio mechanics can help:

If left untreated minor elbow injuries can cause long term complications. Physio mechanics can help. On your first visit we will perform a thorough initial assessment allowing us to confirm your diagnosis and answer any questions you have. From there we will devise an individualised short term treatment plan to relieve your current symptoms, and a long term plan to prevent future reoccurrences.

Common elbow physio treatments include massage, trigger point release, tendon frictioning, elbow muscle unloading techniques – bracing or taping, and stretching and strengthening exercises. If you are suffering from any elbow aches or pains ring today and arrange an appointment with one of our expert staff.

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