New Takanini clinic location due to Fire157 Great South Road, Takanini until further notice.


Thanks for your support and understanding over this time.


ACC Surcharges Staff Physio Lead Physio
Initial Assessment $37 $47
Complex Initial Assessment $60 $70
Followup 20 $27 $37
Followup 30 $40 $50
Followup 40 $54 $64
Followup 60 $77 $87


PRIVATE Charges Staff Physio Lead Physio
Initial Assessment $95 $105
Complex Initial Assessment $120 $130
Followup 20 $58 $68
Followup 30 $70 $80
Followup 40 $82 $92
Followup 60 $110 $120


PELVIC Physios
Initial Assessment $60
Initial Private Assessment $140
Followup ACC $55
Followup Private 30 mins $83
Followup Private 40 mins $95


1 hour $95
45 mins $75
30mins $55


Information on our charges:

There are various charges depending on the service you receive from Physio Mechanics, however the most common ones are listed above.

Physio Mechanics is an ACC accredited clinic and is able to initiate an ACC claim for your injury without any referral.  ACC treatment is partially subsidised. There is a surcharge payable with each appointment due on the day of treatment. Initial appointments are normally 40 minutes in duration and follow-up appointments are usually 20 minutes, but either can be extended for more complex assessment and treatment plans to ensure you receive what you need.

Different Physiotherapists Charges

All of our Physiotherapists at Physio Mechanics are very skilled and amazing and provide such great results every single day. However, some have over 10 years of clinical experience and additional qualifications and due to this we have a tiered fee structure to see these Lead Physio’s where there is an additional charge – see above.

Southern Cross Easy-claim

We can claim either all or some of your Physio treatment costs direct with Southern Cross if you have Health Insurance with them. All you will need to do is let our admin team know if you have Physiotherapy under your Southern Cross Health Insurance and we will sort the rest.



We offer select discounted rates for some clients and patient groups. Please note these are often not available when seen by a Lead Physio.

Students & Sports club partners of Physio Mechanics are also eligible for discounts if they were injured playing for their club/school to see our Physiotherapists.


You are required to pay the costs of materials such as taping, exercise band, orthotics, needles, braces etc. We will inform you of these costs before you incur them.

Cancellation/ No Show Policy

We understand that the unexpected happens from time to time, however we require 8 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment, otherwise you will be charged a $25 no show/late cancellation fee. Our Physiotherapists are in high demand so each appointment time is precious for others that may be on the waitlist. We ask you respect this and make sure you come to your appointment on time.  We are happy to reschedule your appointment to suit your commitments.