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Custom Orthotics

At Physio Mechanics we not only treat the symptoms, but through thorough assessment, we determine what the underlying causes for those symptoms are

By doing this successfully, we are able to treat an injury, then ensure it does not reoccur

Sometimes, the position or bony biomechanics of your feet may be what is causing your foot, ankle, knee, hip or low back pain, even headaches! Without a stable foundation, uneven forces are placed higher up your kinetic chain and dysfunction starts to occur.

Have you ever wondered why one side of your shoe wears out faster? Or why one hip is wearing out and the other is fine? Or why it hurts when you have to stand for any length of time?

Physio Mechanics has computerised gait scanning machines which have force plate meters with over 4000 sensors. When you walk over this, the software system, analyses exactly how much pressure is placed on every single part of your foot throughout every single part of your gait cycle, including during stance. It compares left and right, forefoot versus rearfoot, your presentation versus optimal, even right down to when the shaft of your third toe hits the ground, at what angle and what this means for higher up your kinetic chain. It is pretty amazing technology, and we use it a lot for both successful diagnostics and rehabilitation.

The data obtained throughout the gait scan, coupled with a thorough biomechanical assessment from our Physiotherapists, allows us to analyse and understand how these dysfunctions are leading to your symptoms and presentation, and better yet how we can help correct them and further help long term, ridding you of those ongoing niggly aches and pains!!

If required, we can then get custom orthotics made for you to correct any biomechanical faults and place you into a more neutral alignment throughout your entire body.

Watch our videos below to learn more about this service. The first video outlines how our gait scanning and custom orthotics can benefit you and get to the underlying cause of your pain, and also preventing future re-occurences. The second video outlines when you have received your custom orthotics, how you ensure successful adaptation, what your individualised treatment plan includes, and covers all the guarantees and warranties of your custom orthotics.

Computerized Gait Scan and Custom Orthotics at Physio Mechanics

Adapting to and wearing your custom orthotics from Physio Mechanics

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We get to the source of your symptoms

and treat the cause through a multidisciplinary approach. This prevents reoccurences and provides long term prevention, rather than just treating the symptoms alone

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We realise everyone has busy schedules and we don’t want this to get in the way of getting yourself fit, healthy and injury free, so we open 6 days a week outside of business hours.

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At Physio Mechanics, we stand by our service and expertise of all our staff. We believe that after your first assessment and treatment, you will truly be satisfied with your experience, if not it will be free of charge.

You are individual, we recognize this

and tailor a treatment plan specific to you. Everyone has different injuries, symptoms and goals, therefore we provide individualised treatment.

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