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There is a range of different cardio equipment available in our onsite gyms.


There is a range of different cardio equipment available

Including  treadmill, rower, exercycle and crosstrainer, along with various resistance equipment including free weights, multigyms, squat bars, swiss balls, bosu balls, wobble boards, steps, TRX suspension trainers, and the list goes on.

There are 3 groups of patients that typically use our gym – the general public, our current patients, or Vocational Rehabilitation patients. Our highly skilled team of physiotherapists are here to ensure it is used safely, effectively and everyone benefits from our gym.

General Public

Our gym is perfect for those that do not like the big gym environment. They prefer a personalised approach where they can do their tailored workout while being supported by qualified physiotherapists, as they work towards their general health and wellness goals.  Physio Mechanics offers programme design, and regular progressions to ensure you are held accountable and supported correctly along the way.

Current Patients

We often utilise our gym equipment within our Physiotherapy treatment sessions to further enhance adherence and clinical outcomes for improved strength, function and improved movement patterns.

Vocational Rehab Patients

Physio Mechanics is heavily involved in ACC vocational rehabilitation. This covers ACC funded gym based rehabilitation programmes for those that have had a severe injury and as a result have been off work due to ongoing pain or limitation. Our vocational physiotherapists work with these patients to ensure their rehabilitation programme is specific and individualised to what tasks are required of them at their workplace, while also structured towards achieving goals on a personal and recreational level too.


Our Promise To You

We get to the source of your symptoms

and treat the cause through a multidisciplinary approach. This prevents reoccurences and provides long term prevention, rather than just treating the symptoms alone

Long opening hours.

We realise everyone has busy schedules and we don’t want this to get in the way of getting yourself fit, healthy and injury free, so we open 6 days a week outside of business hours.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

At Physio Mechanics, we stand by our service and expertise of all our staff. We believe that after your first assessment and treatment, you will truly be satisfied with your experience, if not it will be free of charge.

You are individual, we recognize this

and tailor a treatment plan specific to you. Everyone has different injuries, symptoms and goals, therefore we provide individualised treatment.

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