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Knee Injuries

Your knees are both the most complicated and largest joints in your body.

The Knee

Your knees are both the most complicated and largest joints in your body. They are also very vulnerable due to the massive amount of weight they bear and the complexity of the surrounding ligaments, cartilage and muscles. When standing, our knees support 1 times our body weight, when running this increases to 4 times of jarring that the knee has to absorb.

The knee joint is the connection between the longest bone in our body, the femur or thigh bone, and the tibia, or shin bone. The patella or knee cap sits in a groove formed between the connection of these two bones and slides and glides freely as the knee bends and extends. Between the femur and tibia is a shock absorbing meniscus which prevents bone on bone compression during any jarring or twisting movements. Then 2 deep cruciate ligaments and two superficial side collateral ligaments connect bone to bone and prevent excessive forward/backward or sideways shearing stresses.

Knee injury can occur from an acute injury, for example a rugby tackle, fall or landing awkwardly playing Netball, or can be more chronic in nature, for example excessive running with poor foot biomechanics, or osteoarthritis. Whatever the injury, it usually results in knee pain, loss of range of motion, joint stiffness, weakness, and possible knee instability or clicking, overall limiting your ability to function with normal activities of daily living.

How Physio mechanics can help

If left untreated minor knee injuries can cause long term complications. Physio mechanics can help. On your first visit we will perform a thorough initial assessment allowing us to confirm your diagnosis and answer any questions you have. From there we will devise an individualised short term treatment plan to relieve your current symptoms, and a long term plan to prevent future reoccurrences. Common knee physio treatments include massage, patella and knee joint mobilisations, orthotic therapy, K taping, and stretching and strengthening exercises. If you are suffering from any knee aches or pains ring today and arrange an appointment with one of our expert staff

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