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Pilates and Strengthening Classes

Come and try our range of exercise class options available across our 3 South Auckland clinics.

We have Pilates, Pilates Springboard Reformer Classes, and Rehab Strengthening exercise classes ready for you!

Do you suffer from low back weakness causing pain?

Would you like to improve your posture or flexibility?

Do you wish you could find an exercise class with no impact that is both fun and social?

Have you had a knee/hip injury, surgery or replacement and would like to get it strong and painfree again? 

If yes, we have the exercise class for you!


Matt Pilates is a no impact, core strengthening and flexibility exercise class. We utilize various pilates equipment including therabands, stability balls, magic circles, foam rollers etc, so that every class is fun, varied and effective. These are run onsite at our Karaka and Takanini clinics, and are also available via zoom.

Pilates Springboard Reformer classes are held at our Pukekohe clinic. These classes add further resistance and variety through using springs and bars at various heights and levels on our wall springboard reformers to maximise your outcome.

Rehab Strengthening Classes are for those who are after a general all round strengthening class utilising cardio and resistance to make strength gains. Whether you are rehabilitating from an injury or surgery, trying to get strong pre surgery, or prevent surgery altogether, or just want to generally improve mobility, balance and strength, these tailored and varied classes would suit you. We run these classes from our Pukekohe clinic.

We run a small group of 5-8 people per class so we are able to ensure accurate techniques are maintained. We also run private one on ones classes or can tailor a class for you with friends.

At Physio Mechanics we treat not just the symptoms but the underlying cause for your pains. Two very common underlying causes for long term and preventable injury are poor flexibility and having weak core strength.

Poor flexibility may be caused by a lack of stretching, overuse of certain muscle groups from work or sport, poor posture or you may have a genetic predisposition. Whatever the reason, poor flexibility will shorten muscles, compress joints, and reduce range of movement.

Your core refers to your deeper abdominal muscles which wrap around your lower back and pelvis creating a “core” linking your upper and lower body. Everything we do during the day, whether it is lifting our kids, throwing a ball, climbing a ladder, or even just sitting behind a computer desk all day, requires our core to be strong to stabilise our spine and prevent injury during these activities. A weak core can be caused by previous back injury, current or previous pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle, or poor posture. A weak core will increase shearing forces at the spinal level, accelerate degeneration and coupled with poor flexibility will make you very prone to low back injury.

Regular Pilates and tailored exercise classes help to improve both of these impairments successfully leading to less pain, increased movement and overall function and wellbeing.

Physio Mechanics provides multiple exercise class options to suit your individual needs. These include

With options available 6 days a week, in the weekends, evenings, or from the comfort of your own home, the opportunity to help your poor core strength, flexibility or improve your chronic back pain, is endless. Contact us today, and let our expertly trained Pilates Physiotherapists get you that step closer to optimising your health and wellbeing.

Karaka Pilates Classes


9am & 6pm


8.10am - Karaka F45








7.30 & 8.30am
Pukekohe Classes







Rehab Strengthening Exercise Classes

Thurs 6pm and Sat 9am
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